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Our Business Philosophy

The goal of this Company is obviously to grow and prosper. There are three categories essential for our Company to experience growth and prosperity.



1 Our first goal is to produce a repaired vehicle that is superior to the competition. The fit, finish, safety and value of the repair must be measurably better than anyone in our market area. As employees we must continually strive to improve everything that we do in order to achieve this goal. The constant pursuit of doing things better should always be our primary concern. By maintaining a pattern of continual improvement ahead of the competition, our product will be placed in high demand.


2 Our second goal is superior Customer service. A quality product alone is not enough. In today’s market a successful collision repair shop must not only produce a superior repair, the shop must also cater to its Customers in a manner that guarantees each person will be satisfied. Customers purchasing our services should always be shown an abundance of appreciation and respect at all times and without exception. Every effort will be made to service our Customers better than the competition. This goal applies to both our direct and indirect Customers.


3 Our third goal is for each team member of the staff to create and participate in making this Company a great place to work. Team spirit should be promoted in every possible way. Helping our fellow workers whenever possible will create an attitude of teamwork and camaraderie essential to being the best. The individual return on this small investment will produce an environment of pleasant working conditions that will make each of us proud to be a part of this Company.

These three ingredients are essential to an organized, well run Company. The results of these efforts will result in a powerful team that through perseverance will grow and prosper.